The ‘I can’t believe he said or did that ‘ files. #1

Sometimes out of nowhere I’ll have a memory about something husband has done or said that is totally dumb, insensitive, cruel or out of order. Then the anger inside me builds and quite frankly I can’t actually believe that I haven’t caused him grevious bodily harm or poisoned his food by now.

So I thought it far more constructive to put it into a post, so here goes.


When we were in false reconciliation and in middle of being intimate, husband broached the topic of having a threesome. I went along thinking it was just dirty talk until I realised he was serious. Then he said he had someone in mind…..yes you guessed it. The BLOODY WOMAN HE HAD AN AFFAIR WITH!


He actually went there.




7 thoughts on “The ‘I can’t believe he said or did that ‘ files. #1”

  1. I am so very sorry. I too have been in a false reconciliation only to find out that he was still sleeping with the original mistress. As I am now finding my people, I am astounded at the legions of men engaging in this behavior but also, I am finally feeling like I am not the crazy one. I am sorry for your heartache and oddly relieved to find others in the same situation. Hugs to you!

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  2. I am completely and utterly and totally dumbfounded.
    What did you do? When you realized?
    I would not have been responsible for my behavior – I would have been certifiably insane. You are a strong and brave woman since your H is still walking the earth with all his body parts. HUGS.!!!

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    1. I was in literal shock, but then my daughter woke up and I had to go and settle her. When I tried to discuss with him later, he totally minimised it, then said that I had brought her up??? Just another of his habits, passing blame and deflecting

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  3. Narcissistic, undeveloped brain-probably 5 or 8 years old in there, moronic idiot who then used gaslighting to try and confuse you in order to wriggle out of the mess he’d created.
    You are well rid of him!!

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