I can’t believe he did that#2

Husband could feel I was slipping away. He didn’t like not knowing what was going on in my head so he did what any self respecting cheater with narcissistic controlling tendencies would do:

‘Husband hacks into my emails and changes the settings so he will also receive every single email that I receive.’

I noticed that my emails weren’t downloading onto my phone anymore, it kept asking me to verify my password – ofcourse because he’d changed the password in order to get it.

I figured out he had got into my email and changed all my passwords but for some reason the notification that said that he was now getting all my emails went into the junk folder so I didn’t discover he was getting all my emails until a few days later!

4 thoughts on “I can’t believe he did that#2”

  1. Wow! My smartass would have created a new (safe) email account and then sent all kinds of “fake” emails to the hacked account, just to piss him off! 😉 – Mark

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