Words that Speak to Me


6 thoughts on “Words that Speak to Me”

  1. I promised myself I would NEVER be with a man again that made me think I was crazy. I doubted myself for far too long and didn’t listen to my intuition. Never again. It’s a horrible feeling and an awful hit to the self esteem. Xo

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    1. It certainly is a horrible feeling, One thing I do take away from this horrible situation is discovering my intuition once again and how accurate it is. I’d buried it for so long because I stopped trusting myself and trusted husband over me which was so so wrong!

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      1. I can so relate to this! It is amazing how we lost touch with our inner feelings in response to calculated manipulation, and, like you said, if there’s one positive thing out of this, it is (re)discovering the power of our instincts.

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