My Husband is a Stupid Jerk – the morning after

He was ill people. Yes. Apparently his body felt like he had been hit by a truck, his sinuses were playing up. He couldn’t drive home, all he wanted to do was go home to his mums house where there was a comfortable bed because he doesn’t sleep well (at home he sleeps in either our living room or the home office).

How can I be upset when we he was ill?



Could his story be true? Ofcourse his stories ‘could’ always be true, except ….well….they usually aren’t. So I wasn’t really I buying it – his mum wasn’t even at home, she was visiting his brother so no verification possible. And quite frankly I’m tired of having to verify.

Anyway, he doesn’t know why this bugs me because I’m leaving and obviously don’t care. ‘No‘ I told him ‘you don’t care, because if you did you wouldn’t do the things you do.’


7 thoughts on “My Husband is a Stupid Jerk – the morning after”

  1. Wow, this is actually shocking to me. I don’t know who this Dr. V is but this quote is spot freaking on. I didn’t know it then of course, but without putting much effort into digging up memories two examples popped into my mind when my husband CLEARLY followed this manipulative pattern (except the ‘cry’ part – he never revered cried, except for the first time I told him I’d divorce him, and he got what he wanted. Ever since he is skipping that step). (1) when he was coming back from his ‘fuck trip’ he was telling me (via email) how he has a tightness in his chest, and he hopes he makes it to Singapore where the health care is better than Jakarta. Obviously, there was nothing wrong with him. The other one (2) was when he was landing somewhere in California after a (not yet admitted) fuck trip to the Bahamas and Cuba, and he wrote a note to me how his plane got into a big turbulence and they had a scary emergency landing, and he almost died. Sigh. Both of these followed long long exchanges of lies and denial, so he had to change gear to make me feel pity for him. I’m pretty sure if I cared to find more occurrences of this pattern, I could.

    So, in short: I would absolutely not believe his bullcrap about being sick (what, like every week, every Saturday, he is sick, miraculously, when he goes to this faraway boxing whatever gym? pleeaaaaahhhhse).

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    1. I don’t know who this Dr V is either but it really is spot on. I think also being women they are trying to pander to our emotional and caring side to throw us off the scent. I have so so many examples of husband doing this, mine is not a crier either but he cried on Dday and I ended up comforting him and he said he was really stressed. Once during quite a serious discussion we were having he suddenly asked if it was hot as he felt dizzy- he then needed fresh air so had to leave the house. Another time really late at night I woke up and was certain I heard him talking to a woman (I could tell by the tone of his voice and how he was talking – he was flirting) I confronted him and he denied it then told me he’s been unwell most of the day due to stress at work! When I look back at everything it actually boggles my mind!

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  2. I am just starting to catch up a bit more on your blog posts… and Only wanted to say that I am so sorry for what your husband has put you through. I wish you strength, healing and hope for the future.

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