What is there to say…..

I know I shouldn’t ….because whenever I do I always find something….but I did. I went through husbands iPad. He has recently downloaded an ebook called ‘Bang: The pick up bible’. This book is apparently the most infamous pick up book in the world.

What does one do when you have cheated on your wife and she wants to leave you and your actions is ripping your family apart? Work on your pick up game ofcourse!

I mean really…..what else is there to say about this man? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

17 thoughts on “What is there to say…..”

  1. He doesn’t know, understand, or care about what remorse is. He honest-to-god is a narcissist that doesn’t think through what his actions do to other people. The only time he comes out of his “I’m so awesome” bubble is when he suspects that he isn’t getting his way, and then there is hell to pay.

    My ex-narcissist-fiance had a password to his Myspace account that was “ImIn2me” and that is exactly what your husband sounds like. Ugh.

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  2. So sorry to hear it. Sounds just like my ex (a narcissist). He Just. Wouldn’t. Stop. with the cheating, even after being found out several times…. no remorse, either. None…

    So sorry for your sake. I hope you can heal and move on, with time. Take care. 💜

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      1. I think that is very common… but we just don’t expect people to lead double lives etc. It is a beautiful thing that we trust people to be mostly good. Unfortunately, some people just take adventage of that. (And plenty of people who are pretty good “actors”, in the beginning, too..).
        Sorry you are going through all this. You have all our support from your fellow bloggers here. Hugs.

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  3. Geez. I still can’t believe there are people like that. Sigh. I’m so sorry lioness. How terribly stupid, insulting, painful, hurtful. I kind of want to punch him in the face, but of course we are not for violence here.

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  4. Really dude? The pick up bible? Who the hell even thinks to buy a book like that???? Idiots. He’s an idiot. Every time you post something showcasing his asshole tendencies, let’s look at it like banking. More in your account, less in his. You are getting more awareness and courage, he’s getting stupider and losing his family. You will win. He has a hole in brain and a numbness in his heart that he’s trying to fill with this kind of shallow crap. I can’t wait for you to be rid of him. He brings you nothing but negativity. Xoxox

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    1. Me too, I really can’t wait for this to be over. I just had a memory I remember years ago seeing another book called ‘The Game’ which is another how to get women type book – but I just assumed it was from when he was single, but now I’m not so sure…….
      It’s a bit sad isn’t it, all his confidence is clearly a bit of a bravado!

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    1. Lol I totally should!
      Ps – you left me a message on my other blog asking how I was – I’ve kind of abandoned the other blog for now (well I’ve made it private and made lots of the posts password protected) as husband saw it and kicked up an absolute fuss. So I’ve just restarted – I feel like I’m in the witness protection programme lol!


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