There are worse things in the world right?

I totally get it.

Children are being murdered.

Little boys and girls are being abused

People are starving.

Men and women have no jobs and no means to feed their families.

There are people dying slowly with disease.

People are being shot because of a bias towards the colour of their skin.

There are far worse things than being cheated on by your husband.

I totally get it.

But it still fucking hurts

How do you make a promise to someone, lie down with them, share everything with then, whilst also leading a double life elsewhere?

Apparently he loves me and I’ll never understand how much.

Hmmm Is this love? Really? Surely not.

Ofcourse, I know there are far worse things happening in the world, in my own own town, probably right next door.

But even after 2 years (and a few months) I can’t pretend that this doesn’t





5 thoughts on “There are worse things in the world right?”

  1. To quote your meme, it hurts because it matters.

    Look, there will always be someone out there who has it worse. That doesn’t mean that what you’re going through isn’t bad. There is no winner in the Pain Olympics.

    Right now I’m getting ready to sell off most of my stuff, pack the rest of it up and move myself and my two teens in with my mom- 600 miles away. I know there are people who still have it worse than me- people with nowhere to go, people sleeping on air mattresses, people fleeing abusive spouses, people who’ve had their kids turned against them by the cheating spouse. I still feel like crap and I’m still having a pity party for myself on a regular basis. It hurts and it’s soul crushing and I’m devastated for my children.

    So go ahead and feel all those emotions you’re feeling- anger, hurt, disappointment… You were betrayed. That hurts; it changes your life. It doesn’t matter that someone has it “worse”. What you are going through is still painful.

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  2. It does matter. And it does hurt. It hurts even when you were thinking of leaving before everything happened. It hurts because you had an agreement that was supposed to be forever. And you stuck with it, and he didn’t. Hugs.

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  3. Another blogger rated her pain as 10/10. I agree. That is how it felt and I still feel the pain.
    Other disasters and hurt and pain can be acknowledged, but they cannot be compared to your pain. Comparisons in this case do not work and they not not make you feel any better. I totally agree with spaghettisam.

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  4. When I first found out about my husband’s chronic infidelity, one of the things I hated more than anything else was to have people remind me how much worse it can be. And while there are some really horrible things that happen in the lives of others, divorce is really pretty dreadful. Finding out you were betrayed and cast aside by the person sword to love and protect you? Kind of earth shattering. Until you’ve lived through the trauma of infidelity, you can never understand how it alters EVERYTHING in your life. The one bright spot about all of it is that now *we* can be more compassionate and understanding to others. Hugs. It’s a true loss deserving of being mourned.

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