Operation fundraising off to a rocky start

What does one need to leave her husband? Money.

In order to raise funds I decide to start selling things on eBay. I listed one of those baby activity centres things that my youngest no longer uses and cue excitement when someone wants to buy it. This would be a great Kickstarter to my fund pot.

The sale is agreed and I go into the garage to retrieve the item to prepare it…. And it’s not there.

Hmmm….I ask husand where it is and he’s sure he put it in the garage. I had kept it in our home office but when husband moved back in he moved it into the garage. But it isn’t there. We both search the garage and it’s not there, it’s a pretty sizeable box so would be hard to miss.

I ask husband if maybe he’s thrown it away? He says no. We had a massive clear out when he moved back in with lots of things taken away to the rubbish tip – we had someone come and take things away but I was there to oversee everything. However husband made a few trips to the tip himself to throw bits away. So it’s possible he could have thought it was rubbish?

The thing is, husband lies, so if he did accidentally throw it away he won’t tell me. So I’m left ┬áconfused and frustrated because apparently this bulky baby toy has vanished into thin air or developed legs and walked away on its own! Now I don’t want to accuse husband falsely but the fact is this item was in the house and now it’s not! I checked the house knowing it couldn’t be anywhere because it’s such a bulky box that we wouldn’t have been able to keep it anywhere else. Could one of the kids have moved it? Well the oldest is 5 and wouldn’t even be able to lift it. Maybe someone got into the garage and stole it? We have a computer in the garage, why would a thief leave the computer and take a bulky baby toy?

This reminds me of an incident a couple of years ago – I bought a lovely picture but the frame was too heavy for the wall. I thought I would buy a new frame for it so put it in storage under the stairs safely. I then forgot about it but few months later I see the picture in the back of the garage, the frame is chipped and glass broken. Husband must have broken it by accident and hid it in the garage. Why not just say it broke accidently? Why hide it away when I would find it eventually? When I asked him about it he ‘doesn’t know, can’t remember.’

I’m just a bit frustrated because I lost out on money I would have made from the sale but also the confusion of where the heck could this thing be??